Eng 11 Homework & Clarification

Due Monday Nov 5th: Shin-Chi’s Canoe Questions and paragraph response to the 2 questions. (See attachment below). Please see me this week in a work block to discuss your response.

Shin Chi and Shi shi etko

Learning Logs: once you have 4 completed hand them in (For sure by Tues Nov 13th)

Gr 12: Of Mice and Men

Due for net class:

  • Make sure you’ve finished the “naturalism” questions for Of Mice and Men.
  • Next,  attached are questions on Ch. 1.
  • Read Chapter two.

Of Mice of Men Ch 1

Eng 11 Homework Oct 15

Hello Grade 11s. It was nice to see everyone today and have a great conversation. For next week you need to write a reflection “Learning Log.” Attached is the info on what a Learning Log is. Each student will be completing one each week for the duration of the Indigenous Studies unit. Please look under the English 11 tab for links to helpful resources. Your first log can be in response to the last class, the Stephen Kakfwi video (under the Eng 11 tab), or the article on social emotional learning in children.

Learning Log

Eng 11

Class time on Oct 1st was spent on our gallery walk and students handed in the Artifact write-up. If you missed class, please see me asap to make this up. Today we discussed “Identity” and “Personality” in detail. The Personality “test” is posted under the English 11 tab. Once you’ve completed the test, come speak to me in the Great Hall to discuss your results and find out about what you need to do before next class (Oct 15th). You will be behind and unable to fully participate if you don’t see me.