Eng 11 Homework

gentlemen your verdict

Attached are the questions you need to complete for class next day. Question #7 will be discussed in class next Monday.

Please see me today with your “effective quoting” sheet that we worked on in class today.

thss gentlemen your verdict q

Eng 12

Read “The Lottery” and begin working on the following assignment: (due next class)

the lottery-full_text

lottery writing assignment 2019

the lottery paragraph response

Gr 11, January 21

Some students missed class due to the Numeracy Exam. Those students need to book a time with me this week to do the “in-class” write that was missed. I will give you a topic when you arrive. It is based on the story “The Fan Club”

Read the following story for next class: gentlemen your verdict

Eng 11 homework

Attached is the story  the fan club by rona maynard

Do the questions at the end of the story for class on Mon the 21st

There is also an audio clip that you can listen to instead. (FYI: There is a 5 second intro to the reading). Click on the link: audio of The Fan Club