Gr 12: remember to use transition words in your writing!

Gr 12: remember to use transition words in your writing! Here is a comprehensive list:

Transition Words

Gr 12 exemplars

Here is a link to some sample student Provincial exam essays that have been scored on the 6 point scale.

student sample responses

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

Here is a dramatic reading and youtube video of Maya Angelou’s poem. The poem reading is just up until 1:38. After which is a song.

Caged Bird video

Gr 12s

Grade 12s, please set aside time this week to do your Mock Provincial in the Test Centre.

Gr. 11: Audio for “My Last Duchess”

Here is the link to the dramatic audio recording of “My Last Duchess”. The poem is about the Duke’s last wife who died. Listen to the poem and see if you can figure out what really happened to the Duchess!

My Last Duchess