Gr 10s

Character Monologue Assignment.

See me this upcoming week to go over your ideas for your group/partner monologue. I will be marking that everyone has checked in!!

Character Monologue Assignment

Eng 12: week of Sept 23-27

Please see me if you missed class on Tuesday or Wednesday. It may be possible for you to attend the class on Monday, Sept 30th so that you don’t fall behind. (Monday studets: don’t worry, you are not behind). In class this week we read and discussed one Dystopian story. You need to read two more (under the Grade 12 tab on this site). Then, fill out the chart (see me). For next class, make sure you’ve done this for the story I read in class, plus another one of the Dystopian stories on my website.

Grade 10: Sept 20th

What a great class! I enjoyed hearing everyone’s insightful comments about the Edward Hopper paintings. If you did not finish jotting down your first impressions of each of the paintings, I have attached a PowerPoint of the paintings we looked at. Homework: Complete part 3 on the handout (also attached). Answer in complete and detailed sentences. Part 3 focusses on one of the paintings.

PowerPoint: Edward Hopper Art

Edward Hopper paintings Assignment



Grade 12 Work

Attached is the PowerPoint on Cellphone Use lesson. The article and Survey is accessible under the Grade 12 tab. Complete a Learning Log for next week.

Gr 12 Cellphone use lesson

Grade 10

Grade 10 Creative Writing/Literature Studies Course:

Your first assignments are:

  1. Choose a novel from the list under the “Novel Study” tab and sign it out from the library or start reading your own copy or listening to the audio version.
  2. Complete the attached Personal Writing assignment
  3. See me in the English Great Hall or Library for contact & to review your draft composition.

Gr 10 Personal Response

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back everyone! I hope you had a great summer! I am looking forward to an exciting year. Please look through the various resources available on my website. Some we will be referring to throughout the year, others are related to specific units (or grade level). I will post most assignments in this “main feed” and it will be titled by grade or class. Resources that we refer to more regularly will be posted under the tabs above.

As we begin fresh, allow yourself to have a growth mindset. We all need to start somewhere, and if you believe in yourself and challenge yourself, you have the ability to grow, learn, and achieve. If you feel like you “can’t” do something, add a “yet” to the end of the sentence. You are programming your brain to believe that with effort, you can! 🙂