Eng 12

Next week (Oct 30th-Nov 4th), we will be working the Case Study assignment : It is a group assignment using the story “Paul’s Case” (Story has been posted already and is also under the grade 12 tab) you should have a paper copy). Familiarize your self with the assignment prior to coming to class.

Paul’s Case Study assignment 2019


Eng 12

Monday and Tuesday class: We will finish reading the story “Paul’s Case” in class.

Wednesday class: since we miss class this week,please finish reading the story.

Paul’s Case -Text

Grade 10s

Make sure to see me this week to see your Plot Line for “The Possibility of Evil”

Complete your character chart for Miss Strangeworth for Friday, November 1st

Homework for this Fri (Oct 18)

Complete the indirect/direct characterization worksheet. We will continue discussing the story read in class and work on the handout.

Grade 10s

Make sure you complete Questions 1-3 on the handout from the TOC last day and see me in the Great Hall or Library.

Gr 12 Essay Due by Oct 18

  • Make sure you have completed the story chart for three stories.
  • Next, choose an essay topic and complete an essay outline and see me in the Great Hall.
  •  Write your rough copy and see me in the Great Hall for an editing session

Essay Assignment: Eng 12 Dystopian story unit

You need to hand in: the chart, outline, rough copy, and double-spaced good-copy (I need a paper copy). These are all part of your mark as well as the editing sessions.



Missed Classes

If you missed a class this week (excused absence or not), you MUST come see me. Grade 12s, I assigned an essay and you must show me a plan before next class.