Gr 10 Paragraph due Thursday

Grade 10’s: your paragraph good copies are due by the end of the week (We don’t have school this Friday). You must see me to show me your plan/rough copy prior to Thursday. Remember, I am also available in the library Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Paragraph topic Choices: Choose One

  1. In a paragraph of 150-200 words, with direct reference to Shirley Jackson’s “The Possibility of Evil”, discuss Miss Stangeworth’s personality.


  1. Discuss how Shirley Jackson effectively uses characterization to reveal Miss Strangeworth’s inner motivations.


**Remember: This is a persuasive paragraph. Provide quotations from the story as evidence. Explain how your quotations prove your point (this is your answer to the “So what?”). Have a look at the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of Writing and “Quoting from Novels and Stories” under the writing tab


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