Eng 12 Act One Questions due by FRIDAY!

Act One questions are due by FRIDAY! (if you missed class, you must see me to get a copy). These must be complete for the start of class. See me prior to class to make sure you are quoting properly. You may also refer to the handout “Quoting for Plays” under the Writing tab. In your quote reference you must record the Act.Scene.Line #. Act is uppercase Roman Numeral, Scene in lowercase, and line in regular numerals. Example: (I.ii.29)



Gr 12s

Make sure you’ve signed out a copy of Othello from the Library. If you missed class, see me ASAP. We’ve read Act One, Scene One. If you click on the Shakespeare tab on this site, you will find a link to the play that also shows a “translation” to more common language.

Grade 10: Media Stereotype assignment

Attached is a handout based on the Media Stereotype assignment that we started last Friday. We do not have school on the 24th, so please complete the handout  for the 31st and do questions 1-4 on the “Positive Superheroes” sheet (see below.

Next week, come see me in the Great Hall or Library prior to our next class. I would like you to show me your assignment and be thinking about creating your own non-stereotypical Super-hero!

Media Stereotypes handout

Positive Superheroes

TED Talk: Bring on the female Superheroes

Gr 12s

Complete Post-Secret Creative Writing assignment this week.

Gr 10 note-taking assignment

Attached is the link to the article that you need to take notes on. I have a paper copy that you can have as well. Please see me if you missed class. You will need to watch the short video on Cornell notes. This is the format you will be using 🙂 Complete for class on Jan 17th.

Article: digital texts

Note-taking: Cornell & Sketch Notes

Gr 10 “Stains” Assignment

English Stains Activity: Stains story