Eng 10

Hi everyone! Thanks for the Zoom call! I was trying to bring everyone back to the main chat and was having some difficulties! I will get this one day soon hopefully!
What to do Next:
  • This week please complete the questions and post them in the assignment section in Teams.
  • I will post a group discussion for you. Please respond.
  • Next Friday we will have another Zoom meeting and I will discuss the essay we will be writing for our book club novels.
  • Look at the essay questions I will be posting in Teams and start thinking about it.
Looking forward to next week!

Eng 10 Book Club Questions

I am reposting the questions for your book Club (also posted in Teams) for quick and easy access. We will be discussing them in our Zoom breakout rooms tomorrow 🙂

Gr 10 Book club Questions 2020

Teams Tutorial

Here’s a quick Teams tutorial and info:

How to connect with others

– Also if they really want me to see something, you should tag me (@pamela_preibisch). Otherwise, your submissions might be drowned out when I check the “Activity” feed on the top left.

Eng 12 Thesis sentences

Reminder that your thesis sentences are due today in Teams. Quick and easy 5 marks 🙂

Gr 12 Othello Essay

Here are the topics and criteria for the essay (also posted in Teams) 🙂

Othello Essay 2020

Grade 10s

On Friday April 17th, we will be meeting with our Class for a Zoom Meeting at 9 am. This will be a chance to check in, say hello, and talk about how our online learning will work. Also, after our discussion, go to MS Teams. I have created a separate channel for your Book Club. There are questions for you to answer with your group. Only the students reading the book, myself, and Mrs. Holeness, our EA, have access to this “channel.”  This is the space for you to have your discussion with your members about the book. Discuss the book and the questions I have provided. I have posted the Book Club Questions and instructions on my Website and in Teams.

A couple things to remember about online conduct: THSS Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful
  • Be aware of strong language (keep it appropriate, avoid writing in all Caps or using exclamation points). Remember it’s hard to interpret “tone” online.
  • Be careful with humor and sarcasm.
  • Grammar and spelling matter (avoid text speak since this is an educational platform).
  • Don’t share inappropriate material.
  • Keep on track in educational chats.
  • Be forgiving (some of us will struggle with this new learning format or with written communication). That being said, report any inappropriate behaviour or bullying.

Gr 10 Book club Questions 2020

Grade 12 Zoom Meetings

Hi Grade 12s. At this point you should have all received emails to your school account about the upcoming Zoom Meetings. The meeting may not take the full hour, but make sure you have that time available. You have two options to attend:

Tuesday, April 14th at 12:30-1:30 OR

Wednesday, April 15th, at 11-12:30

Zoom Etiquette (Scroll down to the top 10 tips for meeting in Zoom 🙂