Gr 12 Work based on Class May 4-8

Hello, as you know, we are working on the Of Mice and Men unit. I have posted the assignments in Teams. The print and audio versions of the play are located on this site under the Eng 12 tab.  This week your task is to complete the tasks on the PowerPoint in Teams. This includes a survey of whether or not you “Agree or Disagree” with the discussion points in the Zoom meeting this past week, an informal journal response to the “what it means to be human” prompts, and 2 short video clips that will familiarize you with the time period etc. There is a little “survey/comprehension check” that goes along with this as well. I have posted the links to the surveys and the word doc here as well, since some people were having trouble opening it in the PowerPoint version.

Intro to OMAM 2020

Agree or Disagree Survey

Videos: Steinbeck Bio Video clipCalifornia 1930s: Okies

Video Clip Comprehension check

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