Eng 12 Final Novel Assignment

Attached are the assignments associated with your final Novel Project. Choose one. THE DUE DATE IS: FRIDAY, MAY 31st 

term paper

THSS Novel Scrapbook 2019

dialectical journal-2018:19

English 11

Book Clubs: you should now all have your book and have met with your book club at least once. Make sure you have met twice by our class on May 6th. I want to see your notes on or before May 6th.

TED talk Assignment: Attached is the TED talk assignment assignment and planning sheet. If you are recording your TED talk, Mr. Takasaki has set up a recording studio in Lunoch’s/Jennings’ room: 2130. Make sure you are properly prepared before setting up a filming time. Practice in front of an audience (a couple friends) prior. We will also discuss more tips and tricks in class.

5. Brainstorming

1.TED Talk Assignment Sheet and Rubric

Gr 12

You need to make sure to do Write #2 this week. See me in the Library.

Eng 11 Homework

Homework Due by April 12th:

Eng 11 Sociogram

The Firing Squad Paragraph

“Paul’s Case” & “The Necklace” Synthesis Essay

Attached is the Essay Questions for the Essay on Paul’s Case and “The Necklace”

Synthesis Essay

Gr 12: The Necklace

Follow the link to the story “The Necklace”. Although I handed out a copy in class, this version is a little easier to read as the translation from French is a bit better. Also, terms are defined on the side. It also includes a study guide, which is not necessary to do. (There is some interesting info though). For the story, scroll down to the third page.

“The Necklace” Story


How to Cite a Book for Works Cited

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City: Publisher. Year. Print.


James, Henry. The Ambassadors. Rockville: Serenity, 2009. Print.

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