Gr 12 Othello Essay

Here are the topics and criteria for the essay (also posted in Teams) 🙂

Othello Essay 2020

Grade 10s

On Friday April 17th, we will be meeting with our Class for a Zoom Meeting at 9 am. This will be a chance to check in, say hello, and talk about how our online learning will work. Also, after our discussion, go to MS Teams. I have created a separate channel for your Book Club. There are questions for you to answer with your group. Only the students reading the book, myself, and Mrs. Holeness, our EA, have access to this “channel.”  This is the space for you to have your discussion with your members about the book. Discuss the book and the questions I have provided. I have posted the Book Club Questions and instructions on my Website and in Teams.

A couple things to remember about online conduct: THSS Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful
  • Be aware of strong language (keep it appropriate, avoid writing in all Caps or using exclamation points). Remember it’s hard to interpret “tone” online.
  • Be careful with humor and sarcasm.
  • Grammar and spelling matter (avoid text speak since this is an educational platform).
  • Don’t share inappropriate material.
  • Keep on track in educational chats.
  • Be forgiving (some of us will struggle with this new learning format or with written communication). That being said, report any inappropriate behaviour or bullying.

Gr 10 Book club Questions 2020

Grade 12 Zoom Meetings

Hi Grade 12s. At this point you should have all received emails to your school account about the upcoming Zoom Meetings. The meeting may not take the full hour, but make sure you have that time available. You have two options to attend:

Tuesday, April 14th at 12:30-1:30 OR

Wednesday, April 15th, at 11-12:30

Zoom Etiquette (Scroll down to the top 10 tips for meeting in Zoom 🙂


Moving Forward: Spring 2020

Hi everyone! I miss you and was looking forward to greeting you in class this week!

I wanted to reach out and see how everyone is doing. These are strange times indeed. I hope everyone is doing well and coping the best they can. Learning from home is new to many of us and the digital piece may be challenging, but remember that we are in this together! I am here for you and want to help.

We are all spending time in some form of isolation, away from friends and family members, and some are spending more time than ever with family. How we are feeling and our home life can impact our ability to learn. It is more important than ever that we communicate so we can reduce anxiety. Your TA will also contact you over the phone to provide information and to see how you are doing.  Please feel free to express any concerns to your TA at that time.

Next week, I plan to connect with you as to how we will move forward with class. Meanwhile, grade 10s, please finish reading your novels and Grade 12s, finish reading Othello and do the Act 5 questions –remember the play is on my website (I am so sad we can not read this together!)  In case you forgot the Othello Questions, they are posted under the “Shakespeare” tab. I will share more info on Othello later.

Take care and I will contact you soon!

Book Club for Friday Feb 28th

Make sure to read 2-3 chapters (30-40 pages) for class and write down your quotes, thick questions, “what the heck?” questions, and predictions (See handout).

What to do before you meet with your book club?

  1. Find two quotations you think are important and why (This is your “so what?”).
  2. Create two thick questions (thick questions are those difficult, opinionated, thought provoking questions that you may or may not have the answer to).
  3. “What the heck?” questions – any point you’d like clarified/anything you don’t understand.
  4. Make at least two predictions and be prepared to support it with examples from the novel.


Eng 12

Complete Act 2 Questions for next week.

For the Act II Scene iii video (under Shakespeare tab), the video plays at school without having to enter a password. If watching at home, it is your student # and then your school password. I will add more video clips as we go along.

Gr 10: Super Hero Creative Write Due by Feb 13

Creative Writing Assignment: Length: 2-3 paragraphs (total word count: 500-550)

Using the previous work and notes about your non-stereotypical Super Hero, write a detailed creative piece. Choose one of the following:

  • Create the Superhero’s origin story


  • Describe the hero in detail, including all aspects of their costume (including a symbol and colour/colours), personality, duty to the public, and the super powers at their disposal etc.

**The writing assignment must not include any stereotypes; your hero must have a creative and appropriate name; make sure to include all necessary information to create a clear vivid picture of your superhero.

Possible ideas to include: Where do they live? Is there a secret headquarters?

How does your superhero get around? Does your superhero have a sidekick? Is there something that weakens, or even takes away all the hero’s power? How did the hero acquire this power/powers?

Length: 2-3 paragraphs (total word count: 500-550)


Othello Act II video link

Hi Grade 12s! I found this little cartoon version of Act II Othello. The video will pause at the end of the segment. Have a look and this should help your understanding of what we’ve already read.

Click this link:  Othello Cartoon Act 2


Eng 12 Act One Questions due by FRIDAY!

Act One questions are due by FRIDAY! (if you missed class, you must see me to get a copy). These must be complete for the start of class. See me prior to class to make sure you are quoting properly. You may also refer to the handout “Quoting for Plays” under the Writing tab. In your quote reference you must record the Act.Scene.Line #. Act is uppercase Roman Numeral, Scene in lowercase, and line in regular numerals. Example: (I.ii.29)



Gr 12s

Make sure you’ve signed out a copy of Othello from the Library. If you missed class, see me ASAP. We’ve read Act One, Scene One. If you click on the Shakespeare tab on this site, you will find a link to the play that also shows a “translation” to more common language.

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