Grade 10: Media Stereotype assignment

Attached is a handout based on the Media Stereotype assignment that we started last Friday. We do not have school on the 24th, so please complete the handout  for the 31st and do questions 1-4 on the “Positive Superheroes” sheet (see below.

Next week, come see me in the Great Hall or Library prior to our next class. I would like you to show me your assignment and be thinking about creating your own non-stereotypical Super-hero!

Media Stereotypes handout

Positive Superheroes

TED Talk: Bring on the female Superheroes

Gr 12s

Complete Post-Secret Creative Writing assignment this week.

Gr 10 note-taking assignment

Attached is the link to the article that you need to take notes on. I have a paper copy that you can have as well. Please see me if you missed class. You will need to watch the short video on Cornell notes. This is the format you will be using 🙂 Complete for class on Jan 17th.

Article: digital texts

Note-taking: Cornell & Sketch Notes

Gr 10 “Stains” Assignment

English Stains Activity: Stains story

Project Reminder

Reminder that English projects are due this Friday. Grade 12s, please sign-up for a presentation time next week.


Reminder that students should be handing in homework directly to me. If you need to contact me via email, please do so through the email provided on the school website or planner.

Eng 10 Metaphor assignment

Complete the following assignment for Friday November 29th. This is the last assessment for your Term 1 report card. All other assignments should already have been handed in.

THSS metaphor assignment 2019

Grade 12s

We will be working on “The Necklace” story this week in class and the corresponding questions. Next week we will have class to work on the essay (A comparison between Paul from “Paul’s Case” and Madame Loisel from “The Necklace”.

I will help edit as many essays as possible, but consider your schedule and when you can come and see me in a work block (You can see me in the Great Hall or Library). The questions and the essay are due for cut-off: November 29th.

The Necklace and Pauls Case


Grade 10

Finish reading “The Metaphor” and write a few metaphors of your own! 🙂

Metaphor Story

Gr 12: next story

Attached is the link to an article and a story called “The Necklace”. This link includes pictures and vocabulary etc. Read the story for next class. You are not responsible for the questions from this link, but it is helpful to look at. Follow this link:

The Necklace story

Next week we will be working on analysis questions (that will be provided–not the same as on the link) and I will assign a synthesis essay comparing Madame Loisel from “The Necklace” and Paul from “Paul’s Case”. There are 3 essay questions to choose from.

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