Gr 12

You need to make sure to do Write #2 this week. See me in the Library.

Eng 11 Homework

Homework Due by April 12th:

Eng 11 Sociogram

The Firing Squad Paragraph

“Paul’s Case” & “The Necklace” Synthesis Essay

Attached is the Essay Questions for the Essay on Paul’s Case and “The Necklace”

Synthesis Essay

Gr 12: The Necklace

Follow the link to the story “The Necklace”. Although I handed out a copy in class, this version is a little easier to read as the translation from French is a bit better. Also, terms are defined on the side. It also includes a study guide, which is not necessary to do. (There is some interesting info though). For the story, scroll down to the third page.

“The Necklace” Story


How to Cite a Book for Works Cited

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City: Publisher. Year. Print.


James, Henry. The Ambassadors. Rockville: Serenity, 2009. Print.

ENG 11

Make sure you signed out the story anthology from the Library: Tigers of the Snow. (Just ask the Librarians; it is pulled aside). We will finish reading “The Firing Squad” next class.

Eng 12 Mock Exam

A Practice Provincial exam has been placed in the Test Centre. See me for a test slip. I have attached the PowerPoint I showed in class, detailing the sections of the exam and what to expect. Also, if you look under the “Provincial” tab on my website, I have updated the link to the terms you are expected to know for the exam. 🙂 The Mock MUST be completed by March 1st!

Gr 12 Provincial instructions

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