Gr 10 Final Assignment

Grade 10s, here is your final creative writing assignment due June 15th.

Gr 10 Final Assignment

Gr 10s

-If you missed class May 29th, contact me in Teams and we will set up a time to discuss.

-Please review the Poem “Daffodils” and the Poetic device terms on Teams. Review the poetic devices in the poem “Daffodils”

Grade 12s: Curley’s Wife

Hi Grade 12s! Here is the chart for Curley’s wife in case you are having trouble accessing it in Teams. (In Teams if you open it in word, it should allow you to type on page 2). If you can’t type on page 2, record your answers in a separate doc to submit. (The only reason it’s called “version b” is this one should be the one you can type on! Good luck 🙂

Curleys wife Version b

Grade 12s (Week of May 25)

Make sure you have been following the posts and assignments on Teams. In the Zoom classes this week we will be discussing Chapters 2-4 in Of Mice and Men.

Gr 12 After Zoom Meeting May 11-13

Hi Grade 12s. I tried to post this yesterday, but now it doesn’t seem to be there, so here it goes again:

1. Please make sure to finish up the work posted in Teams and submit in the assignment section. Some people were having trouble with the links in the PowerPoint and the Word Doc. I have now posted them separately under the files tab and you can easily see them on my Webpage too.

2. Before reading Chapter 2, review chapter one and consider the following: to what degree do you agree with the following statement: George’s relationship with Lennie is much more complicated than Lennie’s relationship with George. (Comment on this in the main chat on Teams,  I’d like you to share your thoughts. You can also respond to others).

3. Read or listen to Chapter 2 of the novel.


Gr 12 Work based on Class May 4-8

Hello, as you know, we are working on the Of Mice and Men unit. I have posted the assignments in Teams. The print and audio versions of the play are located on this site under the Eng 12 tab.  This week your task is to complete the tasks on the PowerPoint in Teams. This includes a survey of whether or not you “Agree or Disagree” with the discussion points in the Zoom meeting this past week, an informal journal response to the “what it means to be human” prompts, and 2 short video clips that will familiarize you with the time period etc. There is a little “survey/comprehension check” that goes along with this as well. I have posted the links to the surveys and the word doc here as well, since some people were having trouble opening it in the PowerPoint version.

Intro to OMAM 2020

Agree or Disagree Survey

Videos: Steinbeck Bio Video clipCalifornia 1930s: Okies

Video Clip Comprehension check

Eng 10

Hi everyone! Thanks for the Zoom call! I was trying to bring everyone back to the main chat and was having some difficulties! I will get this one day soon hopefully!
What to do Next:
  • This week please complete the questions and post them in the assignment section in Teams.
  • I will post a group discussion for you. Please respond.
  • Next Friday we will have another Zoom meeting and I will discuss the essay we will be writing for our book club novels.
  • Look at the essay questions I will be posting in Teams and start thinking about it.
Looking forward to next week!

Eng 10 Book Club Questions

I am reposting the questions for your book Club (also posted in Teams) for quick and easy access. We will be discussing them in our Zoom breakout rooms tomorrow 🙂

Gr 10 Book club Questions 2020

Teams Tutorial

Here’s a quick Teams tutorial and info:

How to connect with others

– Also if they really want me to see something, you should tag me (@pamela_preibisch). Otherwise, your submissions might be drowned out when I check the “Activity” feed on the top left.

Eng 12 Thesis sentences

Reminder that your thesis sentences are due today in Teams. Quick and easy 5 marks 🙂

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