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Throughout the year, I will post a few links here etc., BUT, all homework will be posted in the main feed on the Home page. You may have to scroll down to find your class. On the home page you will see my latest post first.  This could be for any of my English 10-12 courses, so make sure you scroll down to find your class – do not assume there’s nothing here for you 🙂

**Remember to look under the other tabs to find helpful resources too!

Spring 2020: The following document explains how we will continue the process for book clubs during school closure, due to the pandemic. It requires that you log in to MS Teams.

Gr 10 Book club Questions 2020


Previous Posts:

September 20, 2019:

Click on this link to open a PowerPoint on: Edward Hopper Art We will view his famous paintings in class. Jot down notes about each painting:

  • What is your first impression of the painting?
  • What mood is portrayed? (The emotional feeling you get)
  • What do you notice about the colours/the interplay of light and dark or shadows
  • What situation is being portrayed –what is going on with the character(s)?

Independent Novel Study: Look under the “Novel Study” tab to find your novel list and project.


These are some of our stories for study:The Metaphor  “The Lamp at Noon” The Possibility of Evil “Harrison Bergeron”

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