About Me


Welcome to my Webpage! I hope you had a great summer and are ready for an exciting year ahead. This summer I enjoyed many camping trips, had fun in the sun, visited the Sunshine Coast, and spent time with family.

A little about me as a teacher: I am passionate about teaching English! My number one goal is to open up the world of literature for you and help you become a better writer. I am available in the Great Hall to provide extra help an support as well as the Library this year. My Library days are Wednesday and Friday.  You should try to see me 2 times a week in the Great Hall.

This year I continue to teach Baking with Mrs. Samouilhan (This year we have an advanced level course!) Like last year, she and I will be teaching the classes together. Many of you have been a part of the Baking Club the last few years and we will be running the club again (Stay-tuned for the starting dates). Ms. Dimmock is excited to help out as well.

For my English students: on this webpage you will find homework assignments, links to important and interesting sites, as well as important hand-outs. Make sure to click on the tabs above to find important notes etc. that we will use throughout the year. Please feel free to comment or ask a question about the assignments and I will respond as soon as possible. I frequently tweet assignments, so I suggest you follow me on Twitter


Ms. Preibisch

Crafter, baker, and English geek extraordinaire 🙂

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