English 12

Welcome to your Grade 12 Page! I will post links connected to our coursework here. But, ALL assignments will be posted in Teams and you will be submitting them in Teams. **Remember to look under the other tabs to find helpful resources too!

Sometimes during the course you may be asked to complete a Learning Log. Chick here for details:  Eng 12 Learning Log 2020

Technology articles/video links: technology-learning-log-ideas

Tech and You:

“When Smart Phones go to School”

Someone Might Be Watching

Dystopian Short Stories:

The Perfect Match written by Ken Liu (Class Story)

JUST DO IT by Heather Lindsley (2)

The Machine Stops by EM Forster

Peter Skilling

The Pedestrian by Bradbury

There Will Come Soft Rains by Ray Bradbury (Doesn’t fully fit the Dystopian Chart)

The Veldt by Bradbury

LC- 2BR02B by Kurt Vonegut Jr (Warning this one is Dark!)

After reading 2 of the stories complete this: Dystopian Story Chart


Other Stories for Study: 

  1. The Lottery  / 2. A Jury of Her Peers

3. The Guest/ 4. Miss Brill

5. The Jade Peony/ 6. A Worn Path

7. A Pair of Tickets/Leon_Rooke_8. A_Bolt_of_White_Cloth

9. The Rocking-Horse Winner

Class Novel Study: Resources for Of Mice and Men:

Gary Sinese Audio Guide Of Mice and Men       /   Audio book for: Of Mice and Men

Here are 2 options of Text Copies of Mice and MenText Copy of novelOf Mice & Men text

Take this survey before starting Of Mice and Men: Survey Monkey about OMAM issues

Optional: Extra info on the Great Depression: Great Depression Info in Canada

OMAM unit 2020 

Video links are in the PowerPoint, but just in case, here they are as well:

California 1930s “Okies” video clip

John Steinbeck video Clip

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