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On this page I will post links to articles, videos, helpful websites, and handouts that you may need to access multiple times throughout the year. However, ALL Homework will be posted in the main feed on the Home page. You may have to scroll down to find your class. On the home page you will see my latest post first.  This could be for any of my English courses, so make sure you scroll down to find your class – do not assume there’s nothing here for you :).  Remember to look under the other tabs to find helpful resources too!

Here are helpful Links for the Indigenous Studies unit:

Learning Log:

Personality “test:” 16 Personalities

Personality Spirit animals

  • Articles to Read and links to view for Learning Logs etc.

Stephen Kakfwi video

Dallas Yellowfly

dismantling the Indian Act,  

Indian Act information

deaths in Residential School/trc info

Article about Aboriginal contributions to WWI /  Indigenous Vetrans /Aboriginal Snipers in WWI

Indigenous Cdn Sniper WWI

Forgotten Warriors Movie (51 min)

  • Children’s Literature for Indigenous Studies Unit

Sometimes I Feel like a Fox

Reading of Shin Chi’s Canoe

reading for Shi-shi-etko

Not my Girl youtube link

When I was Eight Youtube clip

Stephen Kakfwi interview

Secret Path video

About the book “I am Not a Number”

“I am Not a Number” reading (see link below)

  • Other Units: Links/Videos/Audio/Texts:

Short Stories for study: Sound of the HollyhocksPainted Door textFiring SquadGentlemen Your VerdictThe Pedestrian,  Cask of the AmontilladoThe Fan Clubthe-fall-of-a-citythe-stolen-party

Video Links: Comic of The Stolen PartyComic of The PedestrianVideo of Cask of Amontillado

Audio Readings: Audio of The Fan Club , Audio of Cask of Amontillado

  • Sample Slam Poems

Touchscreen” by Marshall Davis Jones: http://bit.ly/2JPHnKD

“Resolution” by Shane Koyczan: http://bit.ly/2riUFHA

“Word Problem” by Mila Kuda: http://bit.ly/2KuVE0t

“Troll” by Shane Koyczan: http://bit.ly/2JIJrnx
“If I Should Have a Daughter” by Sarah Kay http://bit.ly/2w9ih7i

“Tamara’s Opus” by Joshua Bennet: http://bit.ly/2wpHSsZ

“OCD” by Neil Hilborn: http://bit.ly/2ru6Ul3

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